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Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by BlowMS, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Hello all

    Here is the list of the rules here at Ender Isle

    - Do not scam other players
    - No killing while in a trade agreement
    - do not get a friend to kill the person you are trading with
    - Tp killing is allowed
    - Store bought trading is allowed but get staff to monitor it so you wont be scammed
    - if you find an abandoned house staff will let you raid it if the other player has not been on in 30 days
    - Do not be difficult with the staff when asked something
    - Do not troll players and staff alike
    - DDos, Racism, Sexual remarks used to offend someone and stalker like behaviour will be punished.
    - Do not give out your IRL information ingame
    - If someone is harassing you due to you giving them your social media accounts contact staff
    - If you have a problem with another player that cant be resolved contact staff
    - If you have a problem with staff contact and person higher on the chain
    - Swearing is allowed on the server but please show restraint
    - Never advertise in discord/forum/ingame (we can see the signs you have created)
    - Do not build guardian farms as they take up the server's mob cap and is unfair for other players
    - No more than 80 mobs on your claim at one given time
    - No toxic behaviour will be tolerated
    - Please do not spam chat with garbage (bsgjbeg) or political talk

    Thanks all, Rules are subject to change and please use your head.

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